The Architecture Of Aztec

November 14, 2021

Aztec headdresses were associated with symbolism and value. The Aztec headdress which formed a disc represented the universe and the sky. The god of feathers workers was depicted in the feathers used on the Aztec headdress. The feather workers were known as “Coyotlinahual”, meaning “ones who crafted the feathers”.

  • feathers in Aztec clothing is a sign of accomplishment for warriors and a luxury item for nobel people.
  • According to their merits, Aztec warriors were differentiated with shells and gold.
  • They wore earrings, bracelets, necklaces and piercings made out of gold and precious stones.

The most expensive feather worn by royalty that was said to be more precious than gold was called Quetzal, and it comes from a bird with blue and green feather. Aztec priests wore head dresses for religious ceremonies. Some priests in Aztec society are three feet tall. During religious ceremonies priests use headdresses along with costumes which represent them as gods. Aztec headdresses were used during religious ceremonies to honor different gods. The headdress of the Aztec emperor was the most magnificent of all Aztec headdresses.

Aztec Masks

Priests had an incense burner, an incense bag on their back and a container that held tobacco. The Aztec empire encompassed the whole of Mexico and even beyond its borders. Aztec clothing was loose fitting, but did not completely cover the body. The people in Mexico were surprised when they saw the Spanish in their full armour.

Everyday Clothes By Aztec

Rich in history and culture, bright colors and lots of ornaments represent the Aztec style, whose influence is still apparent in the Mexico. Warriors had their own kind of Aztec clothing that represented their military society. The kind of costumes the soldiers used was dictated by their position in the military hierarchy. War heroes used lots of jewels and masks. The warriors’ headdresses were designed for more than decoration.

The most important material used in these masks was turquoise, with other materials being used such as wood, obsidian, coral, shell, stone, or even a real human skull. The masks were used as death masks for emperors other than being worn during rituals and ceremonies. Women wore long skirts tied at the waist and sleeveless or short sleeve blouse.

The temples of the Aztecs are the most dominant pieces of architecture. The Aztecs architecture is powered by the desire to sacrifice to their gods and religion. Aztec architecture was simple and elegant, bold and powerful, and it mixed colors and symbols to create a unique style. The masterpieces of the Aztec empire include the powerful and dominant temples, but there is more to the architecture of the empire. Aztec clothes were simple for the common people and more advanced for the nobles. Aztecs had a different concept of fashion than we know today.

A Palace For Emperors

The uniforms of the military were designed to show which group of warriers they belonged to. Military heroes wore gemstones and embroidered on their uniforms so that they were known as heroes. Merchants could designate their superior status to the peasant by wearing fringe at the ends of their loincloths.

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